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Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC)

  1. The system of Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC) issuance by professionals is a betterment effort for safety certification process and building comfort. The introduction of this system is made after taking consideration of the researches made by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) alongside parties that are involved directly/indirectly or having any importance in the construction industry.
  2. The method of CCC issuance by professionals is one of the efforts to towards self–regulation dan self–certification, which is very consistent with the intent of the Government which contained in the 70 steps the New Strategy in Planning the Country’s Economic Growth. Its purpose is to increase the system efficiency of the project development service delivery via efforts to eliminate bureaucratic redundancy. The introduction of CCC will contribute in slashing the cost of businesses in this country, while making it easier for international investors to deal with the government.
  3. From the accountability aspect on safety and comfort of a building, task take over in the issuance of the certificate by professionals are more towards formality purposes. This is because under the CFO issuance, professionals are required to provide endorsement for the safety and eligibility of building occupation. Apart from that, giving away responsibility of certification issuance by professionals is considered as the right thing to do. This is because they are the ones that understood the project developments due to being actively involved in the overall development phase; that is, from stages of project completion.
  4. Another perk of the CCC system is the notice of vacant possession or VP can be issued together with the CCC which are now under the control of the professionals. This factor will contribute to the settlement of problems that used to happen under the CFO issuance system where buyers will acquire house keys but can’t occupy it yet because CFO is yet to be issued.