Definition - initiating all are cleaning works and landscape construction, ensuring soft landscape such as trees and plants be in fresh, safe and healthy condition and free from any diseases and pests, For hard landscapes, to ensure building structure in stable, usable and defectless condition, also not endangering the safety of users.

For some areas, whether in Seremban or Nilai, all landscape maintenanceare done internally by Taman & Landscape Department staffs. Those areas includes Rasah, Bukit Chedang, Lingkaran Tengah (Jalan Labu) and Majlis’s bordering areas.

For landscape maintenance done contractually, the areas involved are Jalan Utama Sg Ujong, Pusat Bandar, Taman Tasik Seremban, Bandar Baru Nilai, Rasah Kemayan and Dataran Nilai (pictures will be affixed together for all work done)