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  • To increase development and to have efficiency, quality and integrity in the human resource management.
  • To have efficient, effective and accountability in the organization’s Financial Management.
  • To increase civic education towards MBS customers.
  • To increase co-operation with government agencies, private agencies, non-government organizations (NGO) and professional bodies.
  • To increase all aspects of public facility and amenity infrastructures in Seremban.
  • To empower the ICT usage among the employees and customers of Majlis.
  • To improve the cleanliness of the city, with the co-operation of SWCOP.
  • To make ease of investors’ interactions, also rental activities without ignoring the Law.
  • Efficient and competent Landscape Management.
  • To maintain and reinforce the income sources of Majlis.
  • To increase quality of life of the community members.