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Town Ranger


Duties & Responsibilities

Cleaning and ensuring cleansing works are carried out on street furniture such as:

  • Culverts
  • Pedestrian Areas
  • Switch Boxes
  • Electric/ Telephone Poles (TNB/Telekom)
  • Telephone Booths
  • Bus Stops
  • Rubbish Bins (MBS)
  • Walls
  • Kerb
  • Parking Meters
  • Pavements
  • Back Lanes
  • Scupper Drains
  • Rubbish
  • Billboards
  • MBS Buildings (MBS-Owned Stalls/Lavatories)
  • Muddy Floods/ Fallen Trees/ Caving Banks (Emergency Works)
  • Removing illegal/expired/view blocking posters
  • Removing/pulling out/bringing down signboards/buntings/banners/liquor advertisements that do not comply with the MBS Advertisement By-Laws
  • Other instructions from time to time

Divided into 3 groups : every group consists of 3 people and a driver