The policies of ePenyertaan are for the purpose of culturizing the practice of ePenyertaan to increase the transparency and public participation in increasing the quality of Majlis Bandaraya Seremban (MBS) services. MBS will always acknowledge public participations to enable Majlis to widen its perspective, information sources, and potential solution to increase results and services. It will also offer basis for productive communications, better discussions/dialogues, and more efficient governance.

The objective of ePenyertaan are to involve the masses in developmental policies and decision- making processes via the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Among the channels of communications used are Online Research, Q & As, Votes, Emails, and Majlis’s Social Media – which are Facebook dan Twitter.

Consequently, MBS values participation that abides with the terms and conditions below:

  1. All statements MUST NOT touch any interracial sensitivity, religion and politics
  2. PROHIBITION in degrading, personal attacks and producing statements which can hurt the feelings of other participants.
  3. KControl your statements, avoid strong, abusive words and state-influenced (kenegerian).
  4. Not recommended to chat and send messages that are not related to the main topic.
  5. Topic and link to PORNOGRAPHY sited are STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  6. Make sure your statements/topic are abiding the rules and regulation of ‘COPYRIGHT LAW’, ‘TRADEMARK’, ‘PATENT’ etc.
  7. AVOID using this ePenyertaan area as a place to initiate personal competitions, pyramid schemes, get rich quick schemes, chain letters, junk e-mails, be it commercially or personally.
  8. You are not allowed to upload any files containing computer viruses such as “Trojan Horses”, “worms”, “time bombs”, “cancel boots” or any software or programs dan can jeopardise or damage the operations of other people’s computer.
  9. The administrator of the ePenyertaan in any way, will not acknowledge, support, representing or guarantee any truths, accuracy or trustworthiness of any statement/topics made in the ePenyertaan space. The individual him/herself should understand that all risks involving trustworthiness of any content in this space are the personal responsibility of that individual.
  10. The Administrator of ePenyertaan’s space have the rights to amend, and delete any statements/topics at any time without informing the writer of the aforementioned statements/topics.
  11. The Administrator of the space of ePenyertaan have the rights to amend any policy or regulations regarding ePenyertaan at any time without any statements/notice.
  12. As a participant, or as a statement writer in the space of ePenyertaan, you are to abide to all the terms and conditions of ePenyertaan.